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Follow Steven Noske’s blogging website to stay up to date with the latest energy industry trends and practices. While many bloggers write with an outsider perspective on energy issues, Steven has a unique insider experience. As a result, readers are provided with a unique source of knowledge.

Additionally, Steven discusses executive management trends and consulting practices. Learn from the best, one blog post at a time!



Noske on the Impact of Queensland’s Gas Prices on Domestic Gas and Energy Pricing

Steven discusses the LNG plant in Queensland. Furthermore, Steven explores how this plant has changed gas and energy prices. Although prices have been rising throughout Australia, things are looking well for Queensland citizens. 


Noske on the Cost of Energy in Australia

Thinking of moving to Australia? You must be aware of the gas pricing issues experienced by citizens and business owners. Steven Noske is exploring this issue and the proposed fixes

Steven Noske

An Interview with Steven Noske: Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Seychelles Part 1/2

From 2010 to 2015, Noske was responsible for leading an exploration of the Seychelles, a beautiful country in East Africa. Specifically, Noske’s team was looking for a deeper understanding of the environment for energy purposes.

An Interview with Steven Noske Part 2/2

Noske continues his discussion of opportunities presented by the lush environment in the Seychelles. For more information on this interview, view Noske’s Seychelles YouTube video.



YouTube Video: The Republic of Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is not a well known location in East Africa. However, Noske is drawing attention to its beauty and responsibilities.

YouTube Video: The Energy Trilemma

Australia’s energy trilemma is affecting home and business owners across Australia. Although prices throughout Australia differs, it remains an issue. Noske discusses this dilemma.


YouTube Video: The Growth of Management Consulting

As a specialist in the field, Noske has seen the growth of management consulting firsthand. In this video, Noske explores the value of hiring consultants.

Steven Noske

YouTube Video: Why Businesses Need Social Media

The power of social media is incredibly strong for both corporations and individuals. In this video, Noske explores how businesses can use social media to engage with the public.

Steven Noske

Steven Noske IdeaMensch Interview

Noske is the founder of Ausoco Energy Management, a thriving management consulting firm operating out of Western, Australia. Even more, Noske’s 30+ years in the energy field have resulted in strong international relationships. In this interview, Noske discusses how he got started in the energy industry and what he sees in the future for consulting professionals.

Steven Noske

Steven Noske Inspirery Interview

Australian businessman and international energy expert, Steven Noske, discusses his successful international career. First of all, his 30+ years in the oil and gas industries have laid the foundations for his ventures. While he has dedicated most of his career to this industry, he has also developed a new passion: management consulting. Noske is the founder of Ausoco Energy Management. As a result of his vast experiences, this interview is a must read for others looking to find similar success.

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Steven Noske on LinkedIn

Steven has undoubtedly led a successful career, working with clients all over the world. Although he lives a busy life, he also is dedicated to helping other professionals. Additionally, he loves to share his take on current energy practices. Connect with Steven on LinkedIn to learn more. Furthermore, Steven encourages other professionals to do the same.

Steven Noske Consultant

Steven Noske on Hiring Management Consultants

Unlike many individuals in executive positions, Steven has developed a unique perspective. As a result of working with international clients throughout the energy industry, Steven has experienced it all. Consequently, he has determined that every business can benefit from hiring a management consultant. Specifically, Noske focuses on businesses in Brooklyn, a highly populated borough where locals struggle to make a long-term impact on consumers. 

Steven Noske Australia

Steven Noske Explains Management Consulting

In addition to his work in the energy sector, Steven is the founder of Ausoco Energy Management. Despite finding incredible success in his energy roles, Steven decided to help smaller organizations improve their management structure. As a result, he has helped hundreds of business increase productivity, ROI, and most importantly, improve workplace environments. 

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